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It all began back in 2013 with a design made with used materials, a dream and long hours at night. Niwa is a team of engineers, geneticists', former sous chefs and passionate food lovers who have been fortunate enough to have access to healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables.

To play our role in improving the food system will begin one plant at a time and showing those around the world you can grow for yourself. Regardless of your background in gardening, it is possible...



At Niwa, we envision a future where everyone can easily grow healthy and nutritious food in spite of time, knowledge, and location, in a way that is good for our planet. We are here to leverage technology to allow gardeners to emerge!

We’ve built a smart platform for our indoor garden system that puts advanced gardening knowledge into the hands of everyone. Making it easy to grow, share, experiment, and optimize for maximum yields and flavor.

We are building a community of indoor farmers and everyday people who share the same emotion of growing for themselves in an easy, fun and interactive way.