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Simple Guide to Nutrients

Simple Guide to Nutrients

All nutrients play a role for proper plant development and growers need to cover the minimum levels of each nutrient per plant stage. Nutrients are like a basketball team, they all have their own roles!

After the minimum is supplied, adjustments can be made for each plant species to produce better performance. It is a science after all!

Below is a general reason why you need each nutrient;


Plants, in particular, need Phosphorus for photosynthesis, storage and transfer of energy. Phosphorus is also crucial during the flower development phase which is before any fruiting occurs.


Nitrogen is one of the most relevant nutrients in photosynthesis and important in all plant phases for it is responsible for general plant growth. Nitrogen is part of every protein in the plant; from growing new leaves to defending against pests. Nitrogen is also what makes the plants green in color and helps create food for the plant during photosynthesis. Let’s say this nutrient is pretty important.


Potassium is also important in the fruit development phase. Additionally, it helps regulate the water within plants and without potassium plants wouldn’t stay hydrated.


Calcium is important for correct fruit development and overall plant growth. Calcium helps keep cell walls together. If calcium is low, new tissues such as root tips and young leaves often display poor growth from improper cell wall formation. Let’s just say calcium is the muscle builder of the plant.


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