Want to garden indoors?

Bring nature back into your home with our affordable smart garden.

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Meet Niwa. Your Local Smart Garden.

An Internet connected garden that brings farming to your home all year-round!

Niwa One Standard
  • Climate Control

    A garden that automatically creates the perfect climate for your plant variety as they go from seed to a full grown plant.

  • High Performing LED

    Niwa reduces the amount of power consumption based on how much natural light that is exposed on your plants.

  • Automatic Watering System

    Niwa shows you the water level so you can refill your reservoir with the right amount of water and nutrients.

  • Faster Growth

    A smart garden that supports your plants with no use of pesticides or chemicals. 

Decades of Farming Knowledge

Together, we’ve gathered all our expertise to make fresh, tasty and healthy produce easy in a smart garden system. Imagine taking the knowledge of over 1,000 farmers and putting that in your hands. Welcome to the future of growing. It's time you become a home farmer!

Our Smart Garden Doesn't Require Soil

Hydroponics does not use soil, instead the root system is supported using an inert growing media known as rockwool. Hydroponics can allow plants to grow faster than traditional soil based farming.

An App that Supports Your Home Gardening Needs

In the mood for sweet cherry tomatoes? Nutritious leafy greens? Cooking herbs for dinner? Niwa's got you covered. Tell your Niwa app what you want to grow, and your Niwa will load settings to create the right environment for your plants.

Become a Home Farmer in Three Simple Steps...


Download the Niwa app and connect your smart garden to your WiFi.


Take your seeds, plant them into the Niwa grow media and watch your seeds begin to germinate.


Choose the grow program of your choice, monitor your plants then prepare for your harvest!