Niwa Mini

A small but mighty hydroponic system. It's perfect for growing super tasty produce like herbs, and small veggies like lettuce and cabbage.


Niwa Standard

Best Value

Niwa in a larger size for those with tall gardening dreams. Ideal for taking your gardening up a notch to grow bigger produce like peppers or tomatoes.

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Niwa Premium

The same size as Niwa ONE Standard but in a beautiful aluminium finish to complement your home decor. As beautiful as it is nurturing and built for those who appreciate the finer things in life.


Niwa Maker Kit

Build your very own Niwa, or incorporate all of Niwa's technologies into your current system! This kit gives you all the electronics, actuators and instructions on how to build your own hydroponic unit. (Body parts are not included).

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Included parts:

  • Niwa's WiFi electronics (3 outputs up to 150W (Pump/Heater/Lamp) + 1 output up to 12v10W (Fan).
  • Temperature, Humidity and Light sensors.
  • E27 CFL Lamp 100W; 6500°K.
  • E27 Lamp holder.
  • Water pump + hose + 6xdrippers.
  • 80mm 12v fan.
  • 100w heater wire.
  • Layouts to make a plywood body.